Seeking Change…..

Social Media as an Agent for Change What if Paul Revere could have merely tweeted or posted on Face book that “the British were coming”? Just think how much time and energy that would have saved for not only the dissemination of the news, but for the colonists preparing for the coming invasion. This new […]

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Organization Impact in Communities

Roper  St.Francis is a big organization I follower on twitter. This organization uses twitter very effective. They send out tweets daily, such as things that taking place in communities blood drives, blood pressures , diabetes, cholesterol check ups. Equipment give out dental cleaning and help with transportation to events for free. This organization tweeted out […]

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Gossip in BasketBall Wives

E-Mail Marketing To: Bloggers Subject: Gossip     Bloggers, Do you want to know who is sleeping, and messing around with so and so? Do you know who started the rumors, and is allegedly bankrupt? If so, make sure you log-in to the blog’s website to find out all of the juicy details and rumor […]

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Business & Social Media…

    The Food and Drug Administration is the entity that I am choosing for this assignment. Like many other businesses, the company is using social media to communicate to their customers. The Food and Drug Administration allows their employees to use social media, as long as they adhere to the social media policy provided […]

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Reflecting on Change

  Mail Vs Email.. I have look back and reflect on how emails have token over postal Mail. When I say mail I’m speaking about postal carrier deliving mail such as Birthday Cards, Wedding Invitations, Holiday Cards and itemize bills to look back at and reflect on. No one mail things and cards anymore you […]

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